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DogWalkingDC In The News

With the recent Goverment Shutdown, JJ Scheele, owner of DogWalkingDC was interviewed by the Huffington Post on the affects it's having on small business.

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We take pride in our work and treat your animals like our own.

With years of experience working with animals, DogWalkingDC will go above and beyond caring for your furry children. People live busy hectic lives and animals are more important to us than ever before. Many people consider their companions not just pets but family. Animals give us so much in our daily lives and we are honored to make them happy.


We started this business to help enrich their lives and take some stress away from their parents. Because kindness matters, we don't discriminate against elderly, sick and disabled animals. These animals need special time, care and patience... and that's what DogWalkingDC is about.


DogWalkingDC is Fully Insured through Pet Sitters Associates and a member of Petsitters International (PSI).


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