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Dog Walking – Pet Sitting

snowpocalypse01During walks we travel around nearby city blocks and parks. If you have a training plan in place, let us know and we will adhere to your routines or games. We primary do individual walks, we believe this is the safest way to walk dogs and they get the special attention they deserve.
Does your pet prefer the comforts of home or do you need someone to watch your house while you are away? DogWalkingDC can provide pet sitting in your home. Stays can include dog walks, fresh water refills, feedings, litter cleanings, playtime inside or outside the house and lots of love and attention.

We can also:

  • Administer Medication
  • Provide Overnight Protection and Peace of Mind


Dog Sitting In Your Home

DogWalkingDC specializes in elderly, disabled or sick dogs. These animals need special time, care and patience, and that is what DogWalkingDC is all about.

There is nothing like the comfort of knowing that your pet is safe and happy at home.

Cat Care In Your Home

Just like their canine friends, your cats need attention. Cat visits always involve playtime and attention, but also, they can include fresh water refills, feedings and litter cleanings.

Home Checks

DogWalkingDC can provide 2 levels of Home Checks to meet your needs.

  • Taking in the Mail
  • Watering Plants
  • Greeting Service People
  • Lock-Out Service in case you get locked out of your house